About Us

Welcome to SalTor Productions! We are a new production company which specializes in giving the new artist a voice. Our artists have worked very hard at their craft. Our aim is to show you content that intrigues and entertains you. Please continue to browse our website and look through our content. Come back from time to time to see what is new. Invite your friends and start a conversation on what you see or hear. Enjoy!


Magic Water

A family, from an unknown land and an unknown time, looks for water to quench its thirst. Unfortunately, it can’t find any. Then someone appears with water. When the family uses it, it begins to see the truly magical things water can do. Filmed in the snowy woods of Estonia, this commercial ad was created to promote water conservation. The video will be translated into different languages and posted on international websites. The video was directed by Rauno Schmeimann with editing and special effects by Taavi Kohjus, voice-over by David Kime. This video was produced for Green Media Creations.

featured artist



Javi Camacho was born a natural talent. His family immediately knew he belonged on stage. Javi comes from a creative family. Some family members, sing, dance, act and others play musical instruments. You may remember Leah Ibarra as the featured artist last time; Leah and Javi are cousins. Javi appeared in Guys and Dolls last year as Harry the Horse and recently performed as part of the ensemble in The Little Mermaid, Jr. for Tulare County Office of Education Theater Company (TCOE). Javier will next be seen in TOCE’s Cinderella, in the part of Lewis, the castle steward, on February 7 – 10, 2013.



Future Projects

November 20, 2012

SalTor Productions has been busy working on new projects. Look for the following coming out in the future to a film festival or premiered on this website.

  • • Personal Possessions (short film)
  • • Action packed snowboarding segment (reality episode)
  • • Lift (a six part web series)
  • • Numerous commercial ads for Green Media Creations

Leah Ibarra

November 20, 2012

Leah has been busy working on her own material. She premiered her single at her Sweet Sixteen party to a very responsive audience. She continues with her voice lessons and is currently working on her acting skills. Look for new pictures of Leah posted soon.

WEBSERIES - Quinn Dahle

April 29, 2012

SalTor Productions have been meeting with comedian Quinn Dahle to develop a show using his stand up routine. Quinn Dahle regularly performs at comedy clubs throughout the Southland and Las Vegas. He has also appeared on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien and The George Lopez Show.